Cloud For Marketing: Google’s strategic commitment to join your data

There were never so many touchpoints between companies and people. These interactions generate a lot of data, information about customers and what they expect from the brand. However, the data is usually dispersed in different departments, which makes it difficult to obtain a complete view of each client.

A study conducted by Google and Greenberg confirms that 62% of users expect brands to use shopping history to offer a coherent and personalised experience , but only 42% believe they achieve it. While the data in organisations are organised in silos, it will not be possible to take advantage of their potential to create personalised and coherent experiences. The business focus must be changed to achieve it.

It is therefore an historic moment at the business level. All organisations have common needs and pains. They are aware that the data is important, but when it is in silos, they do not know how to extract value or how to activate it. Google is also aware of this and this was reflected in the Google Cloud Next held a few days ago in London .

Google Cloud + Google Marketing Platform

Better together: Google Cloud and Marketing Platform line up

For the first time in history, the head of the Google Marketing Platform (GMP), Matt Brittin and Diane Greene, the CEO of Google Cloud, sat on the same stage. Diane has stated that of the 14 products that Google Cloud has, Cloud for Marketing will be the jewel in the crown. It is a cross solution, which will help convert the data into intelligence. It will allow accompanying brands throughout the data journey: easily collect data, transform them with powerful cleaning tools, execute analysis in seconds without server configuration, visualise them with control panels and activate information to obtain better results.

Google is making big investments to align Google Cloud and Google Marketing Platform. Diane announced that they will be adding more datasets, more machine learning models and more activation connectors for their use. This will create a virtuous cycle that will benefit organisations: more data and Machine Learning models mean better forms of activation … And the best activations generate more data that, in turn, improve the cycle again.

Google Cloud + Google Marketing Platform

The jewel in the crown: What is Cloud For Marketing?

It is an open platform to integrate data from any software system: advertising, web analytics and apps, email marketing, CRM, billing, offline sales and more. It will facilitate the integration of the most important data sources in a few clicks. This means that organisations will be able to spend more time learning from their data and less time importing it.

They are creating connectors from both Google and third-party sources.  In fact, they have already been launched for AdWords, Campaign Manager (DoubleClick Campaign Manager), Google Ad Manager (DoubleClick for Publishersand YouTube. Later this year, they will deploy connectors for numerous third-party sources. They have a long history of partnership with companies such as SAP and Salesforce, and continue to invest in these relationships to make it easier for companies to easily provide data on the products and platforms they use in their business.

Google Cloud allows you to use Machine Learning to find insights about the clients of brands and campaigns launched. Google Machine Learning is the heart of many of your products, such as Search, Maps, Waymo and more. Now you can use this same machine learning technology to unlock the power of data in the Cloud for Marketing. This solution will allow you to collect data from main sources, apply models to data sets and activate information in advertising campaigns, email platforms, CRM platforms and more.

Google Cloud + Google Marketing Platform

All in all, next week the Google Summit will take place in San Francisco, an annual event where the company will gather its Google Marketing Platform partners to inform them of upcoming developments. Stay tuned because we will probably get more details of this partnership with Google Cloud!

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And you? What do you think about this new business approach? How do you think the union of Google Marketing Platform and Google Cloud will evolve?