What stands out of the Google Cloud Next 2018 London?

Inspirational keynotes, hands-on sessions to delve into the different solutions, success stories, bootcamps where you can put your technical skills into practice … We are talking about the Google Cloud Next 2018 that just a few days ago was held at the ExCeL in London. With more than 8,000 attendees, this reference event has brought together partners and professionals from the Mountain View company, but also experts in cloud technologies and data.

And the team of DBi, once again, did not want to miss this opportunity to know first hand the latest developments in the different products. During the event, we talked about development and management environments, shared good practices in Big Data analysis and deepened the new opportunities generated with Machine Learning, among other topics. Are you interested in knowing all the headlines?

Google Cloud Next 2018

Improvements in Machine Learning services

Undoubtedly, one of the star solutions of Google Cloud is BigQuery, the Data Warehouse that allows developers to access powerful features of Big Data analysis. This cloud service, which does not require any infrastructure and helps you reduce costs, will now also make it easier for you to work with Machine Learning.

Google launches beta BigQuery ML, a solution that uses your data without moving it from BigQuery and helps you build models through simple SQL commands. Any Data Scientist with basic knowledge of this language will be able to work with Machine Learning to make predictions, from discovering trends in sales to identifying more relevant audience segments. If you are interested in this service, here is a guide to first steps.

In the Google Cloud Next 2018 we also spoke about Cloud Auto ML, a set of Machine Learning products that make it easy for you to apply high quality models, adapted to specific business needs, without having advanced knowledge. They presented, for example, the case of success of the Zoological Society of London (ZSL) with Auto ML Vision, a technology that allows you to speed up the analysis of the behaviour of animals from camera data. Take a look at the project.

Google Cloud Next 2018 ML

In fact, the event mentioned other solutions that allow recognition of written letters or identifying objects (Cloud Vision API) but, at the moment, it will be difficult to see it applied in marketing. When working with users and their digital interaction, the variables are difficult to define (it is not about “being or not being”) and they can be modified. However, it is undoubtedly a first step towards the automation of the analysis.

Google Cloud & Google Marketing Platform, hand in hand

One of the most symbolic moments of Google Cloud Next 2018, perhaps, was the meeting of Diane Greene, CEO of Google Cloud, and Matt Brittin, President EMEA Business & Operations Google, who shared a table representing the collaboration of Google Cloud and the suite of Google Marketing Platform products. With the slogan “Better together”, the competitive advantage of working with both platforms to connect all your data and build a more solid business strategy was emphasised.

To illustrate this approach, the Mountain View company is promoting different initiatives, including Cloud For Marketing Console, a new solution that will bring together your different data sources in a single space to achieve key business insights. Here you can see what the interface will look like:

Google Cloud Next - Cloud For Marketing

Are you interested in knowing more details about this union? We are preparing a specific article where we will deal with it in depth so… Stay tuned to our blog!

Other ads: BigQuery, security, updates on Apigee and more

In the Google Cloud Next, the company presented the gradual deployment of new regions in Europe for BigQuery that starts with London and will involve the possibility of running workloads from the same areas that Google Cloud uses for storage, computer resources or Machine Learning. Thus, it offers additional options for those companies that need to process their data in the country where they operate and, in addition, already has an ecosystem of partners that can work with this new regional availability, such as Tableau or Qlik.

Google also took the opportunity to talk about security and present different features that will increase the granularity of controls in the cloud and offer more visibility in risk situations at the enterprise level.

In addition, the Mountain View company mentioned several recent updates in its database services, such as Cloud Bigtable, which offers a diagnostic tool to visualise patterns and optimise performance, as well as the new monitoring capabilities and extensions for Apigee, the platform of administration of the complete life cycle of the APIs. In this way, visibility will be gained in connections between applications through companies and clouds.

DBi, Google Cloud Platform partners

DBi has the official certification of Google Cloud Platform, an acknowledgment that accredits the team’s experience in the implementation and management of the services of this infrastructure. If you want to develop a business and marketing project in this area, we are experts in consulting, architecture, engineering and Data Science.

In addition, DBi has been collaborating with Google for more than 12 years and has Google Marketing Platform (GMP) Sales and Services certifications.