The importance of a personalised experience. Recap of Optimize 360

The Google Marketing Platform product suite is designed to provide businesses with an integrated suite of marketing analysis and optimisation tools. Today we will talk in the blog of one of them,  Google Optimize 360, the solution that allows you to run tests and personalisation campaigns on your website to offer more relevant and attractive experiences to visitors.

After the breakfast that the Mountain View company organised last week for customers and partners in Madrid and Barcelona, ​​in this article we want to recap the main features of Google Optimize 360 and, also, the differences with the free version. In addition, we will explain the new personalisation module that, since September 25, is no longer in beta.

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The importance of a personalised user experience

Consumers have more control than ever and also expect more. No matter the industry, the user experience has taken centre stage and brands must provide what they want and need (sometimes even before they know it themselves). If they do not get what they want, they will go elsewhere.

The data is key to understanding these desires and testing tools are crucial to meet these expectations of customisation. According to a recent study by the consultancy Boston Consulting Group, 89% of advertisers consider that anticipating the needs of customers and offering a good user experience are the keys to increasing their metrics and growing a brand. However, on average, customers only believe that one in three brand experiences is really useful.

This is the case of businesses born directly in the online environment such as Spotify, Netflix or Amazon. The latter, for example, knowing the tastes of its users, not only motivates them to continue consuming content, but also surprises and excites them and that translates into loyalty. Amazon, on the other hand, estimates that 35% of its sales are based on recommendations.

Google Optimize 360: Summary + news

Optimize 360 is one of the testing and customisation tools that exist in the market and is the paid version (and enhanced!) Of Google Optimize Free that offers extended testing functions and even customisation capabilities.

But what makes it really powerful, is the native connection with the suite products Google Marketing Platform, Analytics 360 and Google Ads. As marketers, we can define valuable audiences in Analytics 360 and then import them into Optimize 360 to create personalised experiences.

Basically, it will also allow us to:

– Create Test A / B, Multivariate or Redirect on our website, regardless of the technology or language with which it is built. We will do it thanks to a visual editor designed to democratise testing among those who are not developers. The paid version overcomes some of the limitations of the Free version, which allows only small-scale experiments to be combined simultaneously. Also, if you need it, it has  programming options  via API so you can organise and customise your experiment better.

– Use the objectives and events created in Analytics as the metric that will determine which test variants are most effective. As a comparison, Optimize 360 ​​allows you to run up to 10 targets at once, compared to 3 of the free version. More objectives = More ways to measure success.

– The data of the experiments are also reflected in Analytics, thus being able to measure many aspects of navigation based on these tests and deepen the analysis with the new dimension in Analytics, “Experiment ID with Variant”, which has just been launched.

– Have warranty and additional support since Optimize 360 ​​is covered by the Google SLA, which means that the product is reliable at the enterprise level. It has dedicated and technical support for complex testing that gives you a clear advantage over the free version.

– A plus with the Personalisation Functionality. Now, in addition to running short-term website experiments (maximum 90 days), with Optimize we can create personalised experiences by immediately launching the winning version of a test. A functionality available in both versions, but again limited in the free version by number and scope.

Google Optimize 360

In the case of the customisation module, it allows us to launch the customisation to any segment and, if we have Optimize 360, we can also specify the Analytics audience we want to reach. More details? Here is the Google ad.

Experimentation is the only way to validate the effectiveness of any marketing strategy – and a necessary step for any data-driven organisation. In addition, a well-designed test can discover additional opportunities.

DBi is certified at the company level of Google Optimize 360, as well as being GMP partners. You have doubts? You can contact us and we will help you in the strategy and implementation to ensure that you get the most out of it. Also, if you need it, we will inform you about how it is positioned with respect to other tools such as Optimizely or Adobe Target.

Do you work with this solution? How is it helping you? Leave us a comment below.