Google Joins the Marketing Cloud War and Launches Google Analytics Suite 360

Google has launched its much talked about unified platform for enterprise level users; the Google Analytics 360 Suite. This is a set of six tools designed to help marketers measure campaigns, collect data from various sources, and share insights for programatic and automated marketing.

Launch of Google Analytics 360 Suite

It’s well known throughout the industry that Google has been working on this suite for three years, and yesterday they finally informed us via an announcement on their official blog.

That Google Audience Center was an open secret was underscored when it was featured in the recent Forrester Wave report prior to its release – a nod of recognition that whatever they do, it would be important on an industry wide level.

The new suite is another step forward towards the integration of Google’s measurement, data and optimisation capabilities and represents a serious alternative to its rivals and industry players in the marketing technology space, such as Adobe, Oracle and Salesforce.

“The era of fractional attribution in programmatic marketing is here,” said Paul Muret, vice president of Display, Video Ads and Analytics.

What does Google Analytics 360 offer?

Here’s a breakdown of what Google is offering users of Google Analytics Suite 360.

Four of the six products are brand new, and are in limited beta.


Google Analytics 360:

A new version of GA Premium promises better integration with multiple points of data, in addition to Google’s advertising products.

Analytics 360, replaces Google Analytics Premium
Analytics 360, replaces Google Analytics Premium

Google Tag Manager 360 (beta):

An improvement on their tag manager, which offers a more simplified way to gather information from your site, increases the accuracy of data and simplifies workflows. This is a stand-alone, paid for product.


Google Optimize 360 (beta):

A testing and personalisation platform that improves upon Content Experiments, Google’s current testing tool.

Optimize 360, the new testing and personalisation platform
Optimize 360, the new testing and personalisation platform

Google Audience Center 360 (beta):

Google’s much anticipated Data Management Platform (DMP) that helps organisations better understand the behavior of their customers and find similar profiles throughout their different channels, devices and campaigns. Merging of first and third-party data to provide a 360° view of the customer.

It also offers native integrations with Google and DoubleClick, and is also open to third-party data providers, DSPs and more.

Google's long awaited DMP
Google’s long awaited DMP

Google Attribution 360:

The new version of Adometry, the platform purchased by Google in 2014 and redesigned to help advertisers allocate their advertising investment more efficiently.


Google Data Studio 360 (beta):

This is the Tableau of Google, that is to say, an analysis and data visualisation tool that integrates all data derived from the 360 suite and additional sources, offering to create comprehensive reports and robust and interactive personalised dashboards.

Google Data Studio 360

The four new products are now available in limited beta, if you are a customer of Google Analytics Premium or Adometry, you will see those product names change and have access to new betas in the coming months.

Currently no general release date (or price), but Google has announced that it will be available to the public sometime in 2016, and that customers will be able to buy each product separately.

All products released as part of the 360 suite will be paid-for solutions, however, all current free products: Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager and Content Experiments will remain free of charge.

Some Outstanding Questions…

As we’ve digested this first installment of information from Google, there are still some pertinent questions that remain:

Price? How the market perceives Google’s positioning will be determined by some companies based on the investment they need to make

Privacy? With the 360 Suite potentially joining off site audience data to other aspects of the Google network there will be scrutiny around privacy, particularly in the EU with new legislation imminent.

No place for email? The Oracles, Adobes and SalesForces of the world will point to the fact they all have ESPs (Email Service Providers) baked in to their offering, does this mean Google can’t be considered a full stack solution?

When will it actually be released?! It’s an interesting approach from Google to announce so many Betas in one go. Heaven forbid there are any development delays (Universal Analytics anyone?!)

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By Sean Patterson

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