DBi’s global implementation and strategy allows Rackspace to make data driven decisions to optimise marketing spend and website content

Case Study Rackspace


Rackspace Inc. is a managed cloud computing company based in Windcrest, (Texas, USA.) that also has offices in Australia, the United Kingdom, Switzerland, Israel,The Netherlands, India, and Hong Kong. We have been working with Rackspace since 2010 and our consultants are considered as part of their own organisation.


Rackspace has a complex user journey path across various international websites with six marketing sites directing users to four different sites where they can convert. This complexity makes it very difficult to accurately attribute success to website behaviour and marketing channels, impeding their ability to take informed marketing and content strategy decisions.


The challenges where:


1. Centralise data collection across different channels
DBi implemented a Tealium IQ tag management system and centralised data collection across all data points which enabled consistent reporting and analysis. As an example, Rackspace are now able to evaluate paid search campaign performance based on the number of calls and chats they receive through their site.


2. Map different data sources on a visitor level
DBi worked with the Rackspace development team to implement “rackuid” which is a unique visitor ID that is distributed across all data sources. This enables Rackspace to design full user journey around reporting and analysis.


3. Optimise marketing channel spend based on understanding how users behave and convert
DBi integrated onsite analytics data with paid search and display campaigns which allows Rackspace to evaluate and optimise campaigns based on visitor interactions.
We also imported SalesForce lead data into the analytics platform which enables campaign and interaction measurement based on offsite SalesForce conversions.


In the long term, the solution is to implement a Data Management Platform which will enable paid search and display campaign targeting by creating advanced audiences which are designed using 1st party (website and SalesForce) and 3rd party data.



Using the Tealium IQ tag management system, DBi designed the data collection process at the global level integrating and consolidating data from Adobe Analytics, Google Analytics, Salesforce, Call tracking, Chat systems, and 50+ others marketing tags. These disparate pieces of information about the customer were combined and pushed into their analytics tools for a level of visibility that was not possible before.


Rackspace is able now to see the full customer journey, linking marketing activity to web behaviour, live chat, call centre activity and their SalesForce CRM, allowing them to make much more informed marketing and content decisions.
Centralised system to facilitate 3rd party applications, allowing for cleaner and faster deployments.
Significant IT cost efficiencies due to the consolidation of tags through Tealium IQ.
Complex global project with various stakeholders that was delivered in 4 months.


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