Google Attribution 360, improved campaign measurement

Today we will discuss one of the heavyweights of this new suite: Google Attribution 360. Attribution 360 promises to be a turning point in...
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Which countries really won at the Rio 2016 Olympics?

We posted a couple of weeks ago at the midway point of the Olympic Games 2016 with a slightly different view of who was...

Who’s really winning at the Olympics? – Update on the following post

Usain Bolt the 100m and 200m, Mo Farah takes the 5000 and 10,000, Michael Phelps to win…everything. Olympic results...

DMP: Adobe Audience Manager QA with James Trudgian

Data Management Platforms (DMPs) represent the next generation of marketing technology solutions. Designed to sit at the...

Analytics and Data Jokes

Who said data doesn’t have a sense of humour? There’s nothing that geeks love more than cartoons (I mean...

Sentiment Analysis with Twitter

Recently, I’ve been learning the basics of performing sentiment analysis on social media data with R. In particular, I...

Principles Behind High-Converting Homepages

The homepage is the most important page of every website. It will most likely be the first page new users land on, and...

15 Essential Elements to Improving Mobile Checkout Conversion

In 2015, it was estimated that mcommerce accounted for almost 40% of online purchases globally. That’s a...

Google Joins the Marketing Cloud War and Launches Google Analytics Suite 360

Google has launched its much talked about unified platform for enterprise level users; the Google Analytics 360 Suite....